Hello Cumberland County! I’m an 8th generation native of Cumberland County, wife, daughter, sister, mother of four and grandmother of six. I started my entrepreneurial journey while in the third grade and that has continued until this day. I’ve always had a passion for learning, trying new things, meeting people and working at being a better me! In 2013 I felt there was a need for a local community magazine that was always positive and affordable for businesses, however, I also wanted to share the stories of this great community of which I’m very proud to be from. Thus, my journey with ARRAY began so we could share a variety of information about the community. It’s exciting being the only woman publisher with a print magazine in the county, and having the only Latino publication in the county. I am involved in several organizations and also serve on several boards, and committees, such as Fayetteville Urban Ministry, Women’s Business Center, Networth, Kiwanis, Fascinate U Children’s Museum and BNI, as well as others. While I moved away for 15 years and lived in various locations, I came back to Cumberland County and family, and I agree there is no place like home! ​




Angie is a Cumberland County native of nine generations and mother of three kids; one son and two daughters. She has lived in Cumberland County for her entire life and loves the community. She has lived in various communities, such as Cedar Creek, Vander, and Bethany. Angie is the Chief Operating Officer, Events Director, and Intern Supervisor for ARRAY and loves working with the various members of #TeamARRAY. When she’s not happily attending to her motherly duties, she enjoys curling up with a comfy blanket and watching a great comedy.​

Graphics Director

Kylen Dooley

Top o' the mornin' to ye, Fayetteville! I’m Kylen Dooley and I've lived in Fayetteville pretty much my entire life. I graduated from Methodist University of 2020 and started out at ARRAY as an intern during my senior year. Now, I'm the graphic designer and art director of the #TeamARRAY. I really enjoy the company the team brings, the people are super nice and welcoming and I look forward to working with each and every one of them. I enjoy art, especially animation, and I’m one of the three million descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages (You could be too!)


Johnnerlyn Johnson

Johnnerlyn, a former principal and journalism teacher, started writing as a first grader with her mother. She enjoys writing and serving as the Editor of ARRAY, couponing, and making the best of all situations. Johnnerlyn teaches English at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, NC. She and her loving husband reside in Laurinburg, NC, with their three, charismatic children. She is the proud author of Guide to Greatness for Graduates.

Website Developer

Gerson Malca Burneo

I am Gerson, I was borned in a very beautiful country far away from the USA called Peru. I ended up in the USA following love and now I live here for 4 years already. I like to learn new things everyday and I consider myself a very hard worker. I am a student of marketing and have knowledge on website developing. This is how I ended up being a part of ARRAY Publishing & Marketing,LLC. I enjoy being part of #TeamARRAY.

They have open their door for me to progress and be better everyday!

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PodCast Director / Host

Caroline Schafer

Hello, beautiful people of North Carolina! I'm Caroline Schafer. A native of Oklahoma, I am thrilled to now be able to call North Carolina my home. Thanks to the military, the hubby and I currently reside in Fayetteville, and we love going on adventures throughout this impressive state. In fact, one of the things I truly enjoy is hearing the stories of the people and the places that make North Carolina the grand state that it is. There are layers of history that reside within the layers of soil, whisper with the ocean waves and echo from deep within the mountains. Storytelling is an art, one that requires compassion, love for others, and genuine authenticity. All of which, I hope to bring to the ARRAYdio podcast. I can't wait to have you join me as we explore the stories within the unique communities.



Charles Mardre


Stone Samuels


Alex Brooks

Alex is a freelance journalist and content creator from Fayetteville, NC. He has diverse interests in politics, sports, art, music, and entertainment. Alex knew he wanted to pursue journalism as a career while watching his favorite superhero, Spider-Man, save the world and deliver stellar shots for the Daily Globe as Peter Parker during the day. But unlike Spider-Man, Alex doesn’t have super spidey powers but a visionary like attitude for the future. Alex hopes to paint a clear picture of his perspective whether it’s through his writing or creating content. Alex wants to use his talent to contribute to the success and growth of ARRAY.

Amy Garner

Amy has lived in Fayetteville since 1995 and has worked in the substance use disorder field since 1999. She is originally from Charleston, SC. Amy serves as an Executive Board Member of the Fayetteville & Cumberland County Reentry Council and is the Chair of the Housing Committee. Amy is a member of the 2010 Class of Leadership Fayetteville. Amy was the President of Friends of the Cumberland County Library in 2012 and 2017. Amy has been a youth Basketball Official since 2012. Amy has been a freelance writer since 2014.

Daniel Montoya

Daniel Montoya is an associate professor in the Department fo Psychology at Fayetteville State University. Originally from Argentina, he has been based in the US since 1998. As a writer, he has published several articles in scientific journals and others of general interest, in English and Spanish, for different local press outlets in North Carolina. Daniel is the Features writer for HOLA Fayetteville, ARRAY's sister publicatioin for our local Latino community.

Ebony Walker

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Entrepreneur. Pastor. Author. Friend. These are just a few of the many hats worn by Ebony Walker. Born in Pinehurst, North Carolina, this Eastwood native has experience in the legal field, as well as marketing and communications. She's the CEO & Senior Writer of Walk UpWrite, co-Author of "Beauty In The Pulpit," a 2017 "Think Smart 40 Under 40" Honoree, NC Chapter Leader for JNG (Jus' Networking Girlz), Book Writing Coach, and still making her mark in the earth. She currently resides in Fayetteville, NC with her husband, John. Collectively, they have 4 children, 7 grandchildren, and 1 very special God-daughter. They both currently serve in ministry at Force of Life International - Fayetteville.

Keith Sykes

Keith is from New Orleans, Louisiana and is a retired military veteran. He is instrumental in the planning of various local events and has assisted in the launch of a number of entrepreneurial business ventures. He is also a freelance writer for ARRAY magazine.

Mikayla Locklear

A native of the Fayetteville, NC region, began her journalistic career writing for her high school newspaper and serving on yearbook committees. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English with a focus in creative writing and a minor in Communications and Journalism from East Carolina University. During her time at East Carolina she was voted amongst the most outstanding undergraduates in her graduating class by her professors and peers. She also headlined her own bi-weekly Lifestyles column for The East Carolinian, student ran newspaper. When she is not attached to her laptop you can find her enjoying a meal or a walk around a local park with friends or family

Stone Samuels

I am just a small-town guy who has an ongoing love affair with photography. An affair that started with an old box camera that cost me two dollars at a yard sale I was nine. Throughout my childhood and adult life, I have had some type of camera in my hands and have shot photos all over the world. After retiring from the IT world, I was told to pick up my camera again and I have been a full-time photographer ever since. It is my passion in life, along with writing for ARRAY and HOLA Fayetteville Magazines as part of #TeamARRAY.

Tabitha Jones

Tabitha Jones is a wife and mother of four children and five dogs. Originally from Hawaii, she has moved multiple times with Army life always bringing her family back to Fort Bragg, which has happily become home base. When Tabitha isn’t writing or reading, she is an avid fitness enthusiast that teaches yoga, group fitness, and nutrition in the local area. A healthy lifestyle is a true passion for her and she loves to talk, teach, and write about it whenever possible. Having four homeschooled children and always finding herself another dog to rescue, she is a busy woman.

Tara Kellaway

Tara is a Fayetteville native. She has two associate degrees, but her job as an online in-game chat moderator has nothing to do with either one! She is the mother of two girls, a toddler and a teenager. She is a Zumbini mom, a dance mom, and apparently, a taxi driver. When she's not working and the kids are asleep, Tara loves to write. She is currently working on a book under her pseudonym and hopes to get it edited soon. Other than writing, her hobby is dying her hair to cover the gray. Just kidding, she dyes her hair to cover the white!

Advisory Board

Anissa Short

Jennifer Baker

Kathy Bernier

Keith Sykes

Peggy Manning

Tiffany Haywood

Tisha Waddell

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